Airbac Groovy Multi
Airbac Groovy Multi

Airbac Air-Cushioned School Backpack Groovy Multicolor


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These fabulous Airbac Air-Cushioned School Backpack Groovy Multicolor is just right for school bags.  The unique air cushioned pockets make them extremely comfortable to wear, even full of school books!  The air cushioned pocket keeps the backpack sitting gently on your back, really keeping the weight off and helping your posture.  Perfect as a school bag, or as a backpack for an adult too.


If bright colours are your thing, then you have found the perfect backpack, because the Groovy multi colour is certainly bright! An amazingly versatile backpack that is ideal for school days and after school sports.  Suitable for school, uni, travelling or just as a day bag too! Featuring large pockets both on the inside (perfect for your tablet or laptop), and outside for drinks and accessories, this is a very functional all around backpack with extra attitude thrown in. All of this with the Airbac air cushion, to lift the weight from you too!




• Large pocket 

• Medium pocket with compartments

• Mesh side pockets

• Dimensions: 12.5″ X 7″ X 18″


Air cushions pump up with a football or bike pump (depending on the model).  They come pre-filled and won’t need topping up for up to a year.


More about the unique air-cushioned Airbac backpacks 

– Feels Like You’re Carrying Half The Weight

– Patented air support system allows the weight in the backpack to rest comfortably just above the waistline, to literally take the weight off your back and shoulders. You’ll feel the difference immediately!

– Promotes Better Posture and Spinal Alignment

– Technology enables your body to relax in an upright position (as opposed to a hunched over position to compensate for the extra weight). That’s why AIRBAC™ is endorsed by back specialists.

– Built-In Shock Absorbers

– The weight of every step you take— running or walking—is absorbed by AIRBAC™ instead of your back, thanks to the patented air support system.

– Easily adjusts to fit any body type

– Whether you’re young or old, tall or short, slim or have more to love – the AIRBAC™ padded shoulder straps and patented air support system adjust to a customised fit.

– Outstanding Air-Cushioned Protection

– The same patented AIRBAC™ technology that protects your back, protects the contents of your AIRBAC™ too.

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12.5″ X 7″ X 18″

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